bílá růže síť 2o11

discography (as of november 2o11)

mike khoury/will soderberg...volume vi
detroit improvisation di16/wrn-152 forthcoming cdr- lunchtime sessions recorded 2oo8-2o11 in southfield, michigan...

wrn-151 2o11 spacer cdr object/qr-mp3- -recorded october 2o11 in an empty house in okinawa via skype in desplaines, plus bodily resonances...; shopping cart link

will soderberg...painting the devil on the wall
wrn-15o 2o1o cdr- -recorded june-november 2o1o in desplaines, chicago, ill and southfield, mi... acoustic 12-string guitars with out-of-the-window field recordings and electronic processing... ; shopping cart link

will soderberg...paradoxical antagonist
wrn-149 2o1o cdr- -recorded september 2o1o in yuma, arizona... all sounds generated by ipad recorded direct to digital recorder... ; shopping cart link

will soderberg...neu beginnings
wrn-148 2o1o dvdr- visual art collages with live soundtrack recorded 2o1oo626 at hotti-biscotti, chicago; shopping cart link

wrn-147 2o1o cdr- will soderberg with james cornish, curtis glatter, ryan oppermann; recorded 2oo9-2o1o in chicago, des plaines and grand rapids; shopping cart link

wrn-146 2oo9 dvdr- elijah church, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg with rachael la barbera, jamie stockdale; shopping cart link

elijah church/will soderberg...aquarelles du charpentier
wrn-145 2oo9 cdr- aka field recordings volume iii; recorded 2oo9o815 at carpenter lake in southfield, michigan; shopping cart link

will soderberg...lure of raw
wrn-144 2oo9 cdr- recorded 2oo4-2oo8; featuring the amazing magical musical electroastrological log created by adam mokan; shopping cart link

a host for ohters
wrn-143 2oo9 c-22 - no limit cycle, hal mcgee, ironing, distraction that passes and irene moon; shopping cart link

will soderberg...untitled [black and white]
wrn-142 2oo8 mini 3" cdr- electronic sound painting recorded 2oo8o9o7 at wluw chicago; shopping cart link

will soderberg...sea shell grinders
wrn-141 2oo8 cdr- musics exhumed from sessions recorded 2oo7-2oo8 in michigan & chicago, with brain-transplanted words & voices mostly written while merging in or out of dreamspaces; with appearances by elijah church, james cornish, curtis glatter, mike khoury, rachael marcus, wolf mcintyre, ryan oppermann; shopping cart link

wrn-14o 2oo8 cdr- elijah church, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg with guest appearances by james cornish, curtis glatter, brian good and others; shopping cart link

will soderberg...dewbreaker
wrn-139 2oo8 cdr- recorded 2oo6-2oo7 in california & michigan; produced by mayo thompson/will soderberg; with dylan shearer, josh schwartz, james madaski, chris petersen, curtis glatter, mike khoury, wolf mcintyre; shopping cart link

elijah church/will soderberg...the fields are merely sleeping beneath the subdivisions
wrn-138 2oo8 cdr- aka field recordings volume i; recorded 2oo7o6 in saline, michigan; recorded by will soderberg; post-production by elijah church

james cornish/ryan oppermann/will soderberg...aretstikapha
wrn-137 2oo8 c-3o- recorded may-june 2oo7

de·fenestra...sync o7
wrn-136 2oo7 dvdr- elijah church, james cornish, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg; recorded 2oo7o31o at the duderstadt center, university of michigan; shopping cart link

wrn-135 2oo7 cdr- 13 songs of real music; shopping cart link

wrn-134 2oo7 dvdr- elijah church, james cornish, rob crozier, curtis glatter, steven goossen, john wolf mcintyre, ryan oppermann, chris petersen, will soderberg; recorded 2oo71o26 at dreamland, ypsilanti; shopping cart link

will soderberg...touching-the-clouds
wrn-o1x 1985/2oo7 dvdr - -produced 1985 at western michigan university; electronic sounds and video art by will soderberg; includes original soundtrack (remastered 2oo7) plus alternate soundtrack (from wrn-1o1 the-one-that-runs-through, recorded 1984-1985, remastered 2oo1); w/dick bowser (horn on one track); shopping cart link

elijah church/ryan oppermann/will soderberg...a meteorite landed right in the backyard
wrn-133 2oo7 cdr- aka field recordings volume ii; recorded 2oo7o825 with 'willy' the insect orchestra; shopping cart link

will soderberg with piotr michalowski...sync o6
wrn-132 2oo7 dvd-r - -recorded 1o march 2oo6 at the 'sync o6' digital arts festival held in the duderstadt center video studio at the university of michigan; digital video presentation and electronic sounds by will soderberg, including manipulation and processing of organic woodwind sounds played by piotr michalowski; shopping cart link

will soderberg...soderality with ringers
wrn-131 2oo7 cdr- with james cornish, curtis glatter, ryan oppermann; shopping cart link

mike khoury/will soderberg...volume ii: demons of noon
wrn-13o 2oo7 cdr - improvisations recorded during monthly mid-day sessions january-april 2oo7; shopping cart link

hello nasa
wrn-129 2oo7 mp3 - recorded 2oo7o512; download

wrn-128 2oo7 cdr - meditations on a hypothetical planet; with elijah church, john wolf mcintyre and will soderberg plus an orgasonic contribution from chris petersen; shopping cart link

will soderberg...barebones
wrn-127 2oo7 c-3o - recorded 2oo4-2oo7; with a guest appearance by mike khoury; shopping cart link

out duos for modern muses
wrn-126 2oo6 cdr - featuring daniel carter, elijah church, mike khoury, piotr michalowski in duo recordings with will soderberg; shopping cart link

irene moon & christopher cprek...history of darker florida volume ii
wrn-125 2oo6 c-3o - piano and electronics music made in the creation of auk of nen valentine; shopping cart link

occasional detroit, rotten milk vs bubblegum shitface and will soderberg with tom walker...intersex
wrn-124 2oo6 cdr - recorded at the trumbullplex, detroit 2oo511o9; shopping cart link

wrn-123 2oo6 mp3 - download

elijah church/james cornish/john wolf mcintyre/will soderberg...de·fenestra·quadrivium
wrn-122 2oo6 cdr - recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement 2oo6o813; shopping cart link

will soderberg...rescue from oblivion in the mirror universe
wrn-121 2oo6 dvdr - limited edition release documenting an audio/video installation created for the 'sonic landscapes' exhibit at (scene) metrospace, east lansing; includes audio and video sources from 1984-2oo6; shopping cart link

elijah church/james cornish/john wolf mcintyre/chris petersen/will soderberg...de·fenestra·ephemeris
wrn-12o 2oo6 cdr - recorded at wcbn, ann arbor 2oo6o521; shopping cart link

will soderberg...early michigan regressives volume one
wrn-119 2oo6 mini 3" cdr - recorded at the electronic music lab, western michigan university in october 1984; shopping cart link

roxanne jean polise/adam mokan/will soderberg
wrn-118/rb119/xdey1o3 2oo6 cdr - limited edition tour split (6o made); co-released with x died enroute y and russolo's brain; originally available on tour 16-24 june 2oo6

ed artsenef presents...billy's hot manlove meatshack
wrn-117 2oo6 mini 3" cdr - adam mokan/will soderberg recorded 2oo6o422 at il corral, los angeles, california; shopping cart link

government alpha...live in detroit 2oo4
wrn-116 2oo6 mini 3" cdr - featuring yasutoshi yoshida; recorded 2oo4o717 at the family reunion noise festival; shopping cart link

power circus...hello, i love you
wrn-115 2oo6 cdr - featuring lana guerra; wedding songs recorded 2oo511 for kelvin & liron; shopping cart link

free noise project...ypsiiifest
wrn-114 2oo6 mp3 - anthony gentile (bs)/greg swenarton (sax)/geoff esty (gtr)/john hoder (gtr)/ian fulcher (space trumpet)/ryan wilson (gtr)/thom elliott (drums)/lyman rhodes (percussion)/will soderberg (micromoog); recorded live 2oo511o4; mixed by will soderberg from sources including a recording by andy pfieffer; free mp3

will soderberg...evolution in time of the elliptical electronic trajectory
wrn-113 2oo6 mini 3" cdr - recorded live at the 7th annual ear candy festival 2oo5o4o9; shopping cart link

heterophobic officers
wrn-112 2oo5 cdr - mike burridge/steev thompson/will soderberg; recorded live on tour 2oo5o724-3o shopping cart link

chris petersen/will soderberg...hydrillaforms
wrn-111 2oo5 cdr - recorded live on the brain ticket death whfr dearborn radio show 2oo5o814 shopping cart link

pbk/uncle dave lewis/adam mokan/will soderberg...de_fenestra
wrn-11o 2oo5 cdr - recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement, southfield 2oo5 shopping cart link

guillermo gregorio/pbk/uncle dave lewis/will soderberg...[de.fenestra] + guillermo gregorio
wrn-1o9 2oo5 cdr - recorded live at the ac improvised music series, chicago 2oo5o911 shopping cart link

pbk/uncle dave lewis/will soderberg...[de.fenestra] incoming
wrn-1o8 2oo5 cdr - limited edition tour cdr; shopping cart link

hobert europe/roxanne jean polise/will soderberg...sleeping creep sex
wrn-1o7/xdey63 2oo5 mini 3" cdr - tour split; co-released with x died enroute y and pedophobic (with different art for each label); shopping cart link

will soderberg quintet...cantankerous flusher
wrn-1o6 2oo5 cdr - scott boatright/tim flood/uncle dave lewis/steev thompson/will s.; recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement 2oo5o7o2; shopping cart link with audio sample

steev thompson/will soderberg...red hand
wrn-1o5 2oo5 cdr - recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement 2oo5o527; shopping cart link

adam mokan/will soderberg...i love my mangina
wrn-1o4 2oo5 mini 3" cdr - recorded live in flint 2oo5o5o7; shopping cart link

ghost box anomalies
wrn-1o3 2oo5 cdr - hidden tracts featuring luthor the geek (david luthor hagedorn), amy carrigan, aaron dugan, dylan shearer, steven curtin, rattling wall collective (jon howard, james madaski, jim ryan, chuck sipperley), joseph d'angelo, marcos fernandes, marcelo radulovich, les trois batteries (dan breen, scott larson, bob wagner), adam mokan, uncle dave lewis, will soderberg

roxanne jean polise...wavering spirits of dull static neural impulses
wrn-1o2 2oo5 cdr - steev thompson; mp3 sample/shopping cart

will soderberg...better science thru noise
wrn-1o1 2oo5 cdr - solo experiments to test hearing to destruction; mp3 sample/shopping cart

wrn-1oo 2oo5 cdr - still forthcoming... 1oo tracks... 2o years... no use

uncle dave lewis/adam mokan/will soderberg...de fenestra
wrn-99 2oo4 mini 3" cdr - recorded live at the detroit art space 2oo41216; reissue cdr edition (wrn-99a september 2oo5) with bonus recordings recorded live at the elbow room ypsilanti 2oo51212; mp3 sample/shopping cart

will soderberg...strained mange
wrn-98 2oo4 8-track tape - recorded live in portland, me 2oo4o626 & elsewhere

will soderberg...powerless electronics
wrn-97 2oo4 cdr - tour cdr; mp3 sample & shopping cart

will soderberg & king darves...a fine-blistered binge
wrn-96 2oo4 mini 3" cdr - recorded live at the lucky cat, brooklyn 2oo4o63o

the incontrovertible melted lego band...visitations
wrn-95 2oo4 cdr - william, susannah & will soderberg; compiled from cassette 4-track recordings 1992-2oo1

wrn-94 2oo4 cdr - carl schiefer w/dj krotchbat, brian ruryk, komafuzz

will soderberg...skull catheter
wrn-93 2oo4 cdr - limited edition of 25- each one a different version- tour cdr - out of print

various...outsiders looking inward
wrn-92 2oo4 cdr - outer limits guitar compilation featuring unusual/experimental instrumental approaches

will soderberg and friends of the kgpa...las vegas trips
wrn-91 2oo4 cdr - kirby/pat lopez/h-life/donald bess/somniatives/will s.; recorded 1o february 2oo4 live in las vegas

will soderberg...never pet a burning dog
wrn-9o 2oo4 cdr - limited edition tour cdr in painted oversize packaging (reissued in slimline case); with ryan oppermann

will soderberg...nanobozho
wrn-89 2oo4 mini 3" cdr - with steven curtin, ryan oppermann, richard bowser, kirk anderson

volente o nolente...morte di una multa per il cervello
wrn-88 2oo3 cdr - marcire cerbello/paolo nervy; registrato il 14 dicembre 2oo3 a whfr.fm suoni liberi

volente o nolente...chi è nella cantina, paolo?
wrn-87 2oo3 c-6o - marcire cerbello/paolo nervy; psuedo nuovo italiano buono vecchio ragazzi strisciando in cantina, lo studio e lo spazio di arte di detroit; suoni liberi

will soderberg...deepening the mystery
wrn-86 2oo3 mini 3" cdr - with richard bowser: shortwave; recorded live on widr.fm 2oo3.o9.19 kalamazoo

spider monkey/will soderberg
wrn-85 2oo3 c-46 - split cassette recorded live in iowa city on a handheld tape machine by david luthor hagedorn 21 september 2oo3; spider monkey is lisa kattchee & jeff shannon.

arnoux...detroit, anti-rock city
wrn-84 2oo3 c-6o - l. eugene methe/dylan shearer/james davis/jonathan browning; one side recorded live at detroit art space 12 october 2oo2, additional material recorded by l. eugene methe in omaha 3o july 2oo3.

will soderberg...anomalocaris
wrn-83 2oo3 cdr - live recordings from detroit, summer 2oo3; buy here

volente o nolente...disartria
wrn-82 2oo3 mini 3" cdr - marcire cerbello/paolo nervy; dalla nuova italia; suoni liberi

monkey machine
wrn-81 2oo3 c-3o - drunken chaotic noise pieces with songs buried within them that you can almost hear sometimes; produced and directed by ken knott; recorded 1993-1994 on a 4 track tascam reel-to-reel

dylan shearer...shuddtters
wrn-8o 2oo3 cdr - home recording experiments using kaoss pads and spontaneous improvisational overdubbing techniques

will soderberg...feast of min
wrn-79 2oo3 cdr - field recordings mixed live on the electric kingdom radio show, wcbn 88.3fm ann arbor, mi. on friday 11 jumaada al-awal 1424 a.h.

will soderberg...riddling of ceres
wrn-78 2oo3 c-6o - limited edition of 11 different custom mixes of collected field recordings; sample mix

various...ex significants
wrn-77 2oo3 cdr - international radikal webian musik compilation produced by sebastien chou; reissue of filesharing mp3 release by sfumato (france)

will soderberg...sin-eater
wrn-76 2oo3 mini 3" cdr - harsh noise; sample mp3 "fort-da"

chris petersen with will soderberg...birdwatch at freethink
wrn-75 2oo3 cdr - chris petersen: electric guitar & effects + will s.: gopichand & accordian; recorded live on whfr.fm; free sounds

5o% beam splitter...seething cesspool of tortured electrons
wrn-74 2oo3 cdr - chris pottinger/will s.: theremin & effects + tabletop guitar & electronics; tour cdr of live recordings in hand-painted packaging; free sounds

will soderberg...trapezoid of opposition
wrn-73 2oo3 cdr - guitar-based soundscape extensions + live turntablism from the otherwise gallery performance; some sounds

5o% beam splitter...rogue spook intercepts
wrn-72 2oo3 cdr - chris pottinger/will s.: theremin & effects + tabletop guitar & electronics; free sounds

will soderberg...protocadherinxy
wrn-71 2oo3 mini 3" cdr - domestic guitar abuse & melancholy electronic regrets; some sounds

surgical mental klinik...acute systems
wrn-7o 2oo3 cdr - shunichi imako- laptop, electronics from japan; free samples

will soderberg...*69
wrn-69 2oo3 cdr - erotic & grotesque sounds

fm3...ambience sinica
wrn-68 2oo2 cdr/cassette - ambient/glitch from china's premier post-digital laptop band; free samples

5o% beam splitter
wrn-67 2oo2 3" mini cdr - chris pottinger/will s.: theremin & effects + tabletop guitar & electronics; recorded live at the detroit art space 12 october 2oo2; real media samples audio video

indecent liberties
wrn-66 2oo2 cdr - alex boardman/james davis/lonnie methe/dylan shearer/will soderberg; transcontinental improv session featuring members of human abstract, noiseboat, arnoux; free samples

various...stalking shekinah
wrn-65 2oo2 cdr - international experimental electronic compilation focusing on the works of female artists; free samples

naturaliste and james davis no meditation for the weathered
wrn-64 2oo2 cdr - remixes of naturaliste a clamor half heard (public eyesore) by james davis; samples

surgical mental klinik the communist hobby
wrn-63 2oo2 cdr - shunichi imako- laptop, theremin & noise electronics from japan; samples

richard bowser: stare decisis-home recordings 1993-1998
wrn-62 2oo2 cdr - mosrite-powered moody instrumentals; samples

w§å...geeks baring grifts
wrn-61 2oo2 cdr - dodson getty/rebel griswold/merman tonguejoy; samples

various...euphoric recall
wrn-6o 2oo2 cdr - 1972-2oo2 collection of recorded artifacts from the oxide age; featuring latchkey kids/melted lego band/reckless eyeballs/red cloud/south of no north/will s./w§å/young urban failures; samples

various...you're all over the map...putting flesh on the bones of the dirty work
wrn-59 2oo2 cdr - international experimental/electronic/ambient/musique concrete/noise compilation; samples

will soderberg...echo storm
wrn-58x 2oo1 cdr - plus or minus 72 minutes of shuffled, corrupted & cultivated serendipity; free samples; [limited edition bonus cdr included with wrn-58 while they last]

will soderberg...vs. a higher power of our understanding
wrn-58 2oo1 cdr - 31 minutes of folded, spindled & mutilated sounds; sample sounds

wrn-57 2oo1 cdr/cassette - 9+ songs, 74 minutes with rebel griswold, merman tonguejoy & a special guest appearance by princessica; sample sounds

various...the soft bigotry of low expectations
wrn-56 2oo1 cdr - 1999-2oo1 compilation featuring tech-beats of dubious provenance aka "outsider elektronika"; sample sounds

will soderberg...lapryè elektwonika
wrn-55 2oo1 cdr - abstrakt elektronika; sample sounds

will soderberg...out of tune with the times
wrn-54 2ooo cdr - 5 songs recorded solo at the upgraded digital dawn of sound reinforcement; sample sounds

will soderberg...stupor mundi
wrn-53 2ooo c-3o - solo recordings

industrial collaborators
wrn-52 1999 c-45/c-9o/cdr - glen bergers/wills.; extended power-drone improvisation; recorded 3 december 1997; mixed 13 july 1999; remastered to cdr (august 2oo3) + cassette reissue w/bonus reverse remix

y.u.f. futuristic roots
wrn-51 1999 c-3o - glen bergers/will s.; recordings 1997-99

will soderberg autochthon
wrn-5o 1999 c-3o - solo recordings 1997-99

sinarquist anónimo
wrn-49 1998 c-3o - instrumentals

melted lego band instruments of surrender-a peace of art
wrn-48 1998 c-6o - william, susannah & will s.

will soderberg unprepared guitar
wrn-47 1998 c-45 - noise/drone guitar

twin dragons teasing the phoenix
wrn-46 1997 c-45 - glen bergers/will s.; noise improvisations; recorded 1996

young urban failures fear of self-fulfilling prophecy
wrn-45 1997 c-45 - glen bergers/ryan oppermann/will s.; quasi-improvisational noise-rock trio

will soderberg motivational electronics
wrn-44 1997 c-30 - solo electronica integrating acoustic instruments

young urban failures fireball xl5
wrn-43 1997 c-45 - glen bergers/will s.; abstract songs in drone settings; w/ apologies to the red crayola

young urban failures ? of the hour
wrn-42 1997 c-6o - glen bergers/will s.; song-oriented sessions

hiroshima maidens
wrn-41 1996 c-45 - glen bergers/will s.; improvised guitar duets and songs; recorded 1994

the artist formerly known as will s. infra digs
wrn-4o 1996 c-3o - solo recordings 1993-96

young urban failures texas gene meltdown
wrn-39 1996 c-3o - glen bergers/will s.; cyberpunk-inspired hinterlands psychedelia

melted lego band 100% monster hair
wrn-38 1996 c-6o - william, susannah and will s.

young urban failures creeping jesus
wrn-37 1995 c-45 - glen bergers/will s.

various fetal brain tissue experiments
wrn-36 1995 c-45 - unreleased recordings; featuring monkey machine/nine iron lung/trash pickers/young urban failures/melted lego band/family values/will s.

will s. auto da fe
wrn-35 1994 c-45 - solo multi-track projects

various die weisse rose lasst euch keine ruhe
promo 1994 c-45 - 1990-1994 compilation featuring reckless eyeballs/topo gigio/melted lego band/young urban failures/will s.

young urban failures bare the scars of love
wrn-34 1994 c-45 - glen bergers/d. wood/will s.- sessions from the summer '94 world tour lineup

young urban failures miracle violence combination
wrn-33 1994 c-6o - glen bergers/ken knott/jeff perry/d.wood/norm zebrowski/will s.

will soderberg 7713
wrn-32 1994 c-45 - composition for 4-track, microphones and micromoog

the will s. psoul ultrasound psoul ultrasound
wrn-31 1994 c-45 - jeff perry/will s.; space-folk-rock

young urban failures young urban failures
wrn-3o 1994 c-6o - norm zebrowski/will s.; w/ ken knott/jeff perry; when they called it "noise-pop"

melted lego band confusing music with art
wrn-29 1993 c-5o - william, susannah and will s.

sinarquist mission outpost
wrn-28 1993 c-45 - solo

free william
wrn-27 1992 c-6o - solo w/ william/susannah/norm z.

topo gigio topo gigio
wrn-26 1991 c-45 - tom potter/will s.; recorded in chicago and ferndale

wrn-25 1991 c-3o - absolutely solo

pop fumes
wrn-24 1991 c-3o - solo tv theme songs

peace feelers
wrn-23 1991 c-3o - solo w/ norm z.

various dark artifacts
wrn-22 1991 c-3o - unreleased recordings featuring norm bates/reckless eyeballs/latchkey kids/will s.

extraterrestrial terrors
wrn-21 199o c-45 - solo; recorded in lansing and ferndale

reckless eyeballs reckless eyeballs
wrn-2o 199o c-45 - steve case/will s.

latchkey kids sometimes you have to leave them
wrn-19 199o c-1oo - 1985-199o compilation

norm bates psycho-au-gogo
wrn-18 1989 c-45 - norm zebrowski/will s. w/ mike achtenberg/randy huiskens/tom potter + others

various mindshaft
wrn-17 1989 c-45 - michigan bands sampled without permission; featuring latchkey kids/norm bates/godbullies/ just say no/tool crib/d.s.m/will soderberg - out of print

latchkey kids off & on
wrn-16 1989 c-45 - mike freas/timothy g. lang/will s. w/ d.bowser; recorded in kalamazoo, lansing & ferndale

various underground trainwreck
wrn-15 1989 c-45 - 1984-1989 compilation; featuring red cloud/latchkey kids/will s.

wrn-14 1989 c-45 - john dritsas/dick bowser/mike freas/timothy g. lang/susannah/will s.

will soderberg psychic dream kitchen
wrn-13 1989 c-45/cdr - solo electronica for amiga and 4-track w/timothy g. lang/susannah; remastered to cdr (july 2oo2); preview "terra incognita" real media file

will soderberg food chain
wrn-12 1988 c-6o - solo 4-track project

latchkey kids purge
wrn-11 1987 c-45 - patt clark/john dritsas/will s.; 2 songs recorded at clark audio 4-track

will s./fortunetellers old surrealism
wrn-1o 1987 c-45 - dick bowser/alan perkins/mike freas/rose d./will s.

latchkey kids personality cult
wrn-o9 1987 c-45 - ken knott/patt clark/dick bowser/john dritsas/will s.

asian singles
wrn-o8 1987 c-45 - solo w/ken knott/dick bowser/matt chappell

latchkey kids separatist party
wrn-o7 1987 cassette/cdr - ken knott/will s.; recorded at ninth decade coalition 8-track; remastered to cdr (october 2oo1); preview "sexual tension" real media file

latchkey kids dirty questions
wrn-o6 1986 c-45 - ken knott/will s.

various thorns
wrn-o5 1986 c-45 - kalamazoo sampler; featuring man alive/south of no north/noise puzzle/ latchkey kids/border patrol/red cloud/ abiku red/will s.

latchkey kids sic transit gloria
wrn-o4 1986 c-45 - ken knott/brian beal/will s.

various sentimental music (number one)
wrn-o3 1986 c-45 - latchkey kids/border patrol/jlm/will s.

latchkey kids at 10 o'clock the lites went out
wrn-o2 1986 c-45 - ken knott/dick bowser/brian beal/will s.

will soderberg the-one-that-runs-through
wrn-o1 1985 cassette/cdr - solo electronica w/dick bowser; recorded at w.m.u. electronic music lab; remastered to cdr (october 2oo1); sample sounds

red cloud red cloud
wrn-oo 1984 cassette/cdr - will s. w/brian beal/glen priest/mark lynn/mitch warren/bill wilson/bruce soderberg + others; recorded at w.m.u. western sound 24-track studio; remastered to cdr (october 2oo1); preview "this one" real media file

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  • die weisse rose netzwerk 1986-1996
  • den vit ros natverk 1997
  • la red de la rosa blanca 1998
  • illus albus rosa reticulum 1999
  • la blankroza reto 2ooo
  • rezo blan roz-la 2oo1
  • baimeiguei wang 2oo2
  • shabkatu 'l-ward al-abyad 2oo3
  • сеть: белая роза 2oo4
  • wap'iskka'w i'i'swi ayasowewiyiniwe 2oo5
  • arrosa zuria sarea 2oo6
  • se hwīt róse nett 2oo7
  • el rosad vieteik resod 2oo8
  • 'et witte roze netwaa'k 2oo9
  • 'r gwynnwy rhosyn rhwydwaith 2o1o
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