5o% bEaM sPlitTeR

chris pottinger: theremin, effects
will s.: tabletop guitar, electronics

dead bugs eat live skin
[forthcoming cdr]

seething cesspool of tortured electrons
[wrn-74 shabkatu 'l-ward al-abyad 2oo3 cdr]

rogue spook intercepts
[wrn-72 shabkatu 'l-ward al-abyad 2oo3 cdr]

live at the detroit art space 1o.12.2oo2
[wrn-67 bai mei guei wang 2oo2 mini cdr]

cdr= $8, 3" cdr= $5 [usa postpaid]
click on link to order wrn-67 wrn-72 wrn-72
or email beamsplitter [at] white-rose [dot] com