latchkey kids

d i s c o g r a p h y

at 10 o’clock the lites went out
(1986) brian beal/dick bowser/ken knott/will s.

sic transit gloria
(1986) brian beal/ken knott/will s.

dirty questions
(1986) ken knott/will s.

separatist party
(1987) ken knott/will s. - engineered by david b. livingstone/recorded on 8-track at ninth decade coalition/death jam studio

personality cult
(1987) dick bowser/patt clark/john dritsas/ken knott/will s. .

(1987) patt clark/john dritsas/will s. - 2 songs recorded on 4-track by patt clark at clark audio

(1989) john dritsas/mike freas/timothy g. lang/susannah s./will s.

off & on
(1989) dick bowser/mike freas/timothy g. lang/will s.

sometimes you have to leave them
(1990) 1985-90 latchkey kids compilation with several previously unreleased tracks

c o m p i l a t i o n s

sentimental music (
(1986) brian beal/dick bowser/ken knott/will s. - "nothing’s worth fighting about here anymore", "volunteer", "wouldn’t you say", "poetic license" and "nameless fanfare" - previously unreleased

(1986) die weisse rose netzwerk promo compilation;"he had the world" and "third eye eardrum" - both tracks previously released

underground trainwreck
(1989) "circle of disintegration", "divining rod","sexual tension", "spook house head" and "nameless fanfare" - previously released

mindshaft (michigan bands sampled without permission)
(1989) "are you gullible?", "easter anywhere" and "magnetic coupling" - previously released

dark artifacts
(1991) "place with no future" - ken knott/will s.; recorded 1986; previously unreleased

euphoric recall (artifacts of the oxide age: 1972-2oo2)
(2002) "third-eye eardrum", "sexual tension", "circle of disintegration"; previously released

v i d e o s
on the fritz (c.a.m.p.kalamazoo #6)
(1986) ken knott/will s. -

in rock paintings (middle fidelity television)
(1988) dick bowser/john dritsas/will s.

"pale one"
(1989) featuring "sparkle tammy"; music recorded 1987 by ken knott/will s.

"circle of disintegration"
(1990) music recorded 1987 by patt clark/will s.

all audio and video recordings produced by will soderberg for die weisse rose netzwerk

copyright 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990. 1991, 2002 will soderberg all rights reserved

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