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  • the red krayola authorized documentary by amy cargill in progress 2006 - forthcoming 200?
    - note: will include video recordings of a chicago show from september 2005.

  • mayo thompson ?
    cd (leiterwagen) unreleased recordings 2003-2005
    - matthias bauer, axel dörner, sven-åke johansson, rudi mahall, sten sandell, mayo thompson; "recently recorded in berlin with some free-music players -- see got enough for a couple of devices. they'll be released as solo albums; no idea yet when etc." mayo thompson, 6 may 2003; apparently, this will be a set of covers of red crayola songs (according to mt february 2004) (apparently this project has been shelved)

  • official the red krayola biography available as a pdf download at drag city the red krayola site circa 2004 as part of the promotion for 'singles'
    - note: also available here.

  • the red crayola with art and language olympia or victorine (?)
    opera? (unknown venue?) circa 1973-1983-forthcoming 2003?
    - "-thompson could be found several years later in new york working with the british conceptual collective art & language. between the mid '70s and the mid '80s a&l collaborated on several thompson/rk pieces, among them the opera olympia (about a murder case in manet's paris) as well as the british masterpieces kangaroo?, black snakes, soldier-talk and corrected slogans." [diedrich diederichsen, artforum january 1998]; note: "olympia act 1" is a track on the "deliverance" "authorized bootleg" cd; "one of his current projects, with sound artist marina rosenfeld, is the completion of the music for a&l's victorine, an "opera" about a french policeman who mistakes the nude figures in paintings by courbet and manet for a serial killer's victims." [franklin bruno, new times los angeles june 10 1999]; said to be released in 2001 [mayo thompson, tape op #16 march/april 2000]; mayo thompson seemed determined that this would be finished at some point, as of february 2004;

  • bruce yonemoto the disappearance of memory
    multimedia installation (ntt intercommunication center -tokyo, japan) 1999
    - soundtrack for "hanabi fireworks" by mayo thompson [monty dipietro, assembly language may 1999]

  • stephen prina push comes to love
    cd (drag city) 1999
    - lyrics to "little lips" by mayo thompson

  • hirsch farm project now an invitation to think
    multimedia installation (museum of contemporary art -chicago) 18 july-18 october 1998
    - "an invitation to think," in a three-part exhibition devoted to the hirsch farm project, a series of annual retreats organized by chicago collector howard hirsch at his home in hillsboro, wisconsin. the show includes an installation at the mca that lowers a gallery ceiling and raises its floor; a theme song by mayo thompson of red crayola playing in the mca bookstore; and an open house at hirsch farms july 25-26 [ 22 july 1998]

  • steve cunningham simplicity christmas volume 1 guitar
    cd (pamplin music) 1997
    - steve cunningham played bass guitar with the red crayola 1966-1968

  • the red krayola
    t-shirt (drag city) 1995

  • the red crayola the quiet album
    print? (unknown german label) 1989?
    - "described by thompson as a picture of the band, their faces pressed to a car window, printed onto parachute silk. there was no album per se." [puncture number 33, summer 1995]

  • mayo thompson gorki and co. the red crayola 33 songs
    book (meterverlag -hamburg, germany) 1986
    - "gorki and co" is mayo thompson writing about maxim gorki at the turn of the century; "33 songs" includes lyrics to various mayo thompson/the red crayola songs (some of which appear on the 1994 the red krayola drag city cd); the red crayola is credited as werner buttner, albert oehlen, mayo thompson

  • ross vasellari virgin prunes: the faculties of a broken heart
    book (black sheep press zurich) 1985
    - mayo thompson contributes to this book about the virgin prunes

  • born in flames
    film (independent) 1983?
    - the red krayola "born in flames" song used several times in the soundtrack to this film directed by lizzie borden

  • the red crayola "ratman the ratcatcher"/"days of future pilots"
    7" (unreleased) 1982
    - unreleased single rough trade rt 078; presumably mayo thompson redid a vocal in german for the record to come out in germany ("rattenmensch gewichtswachter"/"zukunftsflieger" on konkurrenz/rough trade- west germany 1981) [international discography of new wave 1982/83]

  • the red crayola "v.i. lenin, part 1"/"v.i. lenin part 2"
    7" (unreleased) 1980
    - unreleased single rough trade rt 044

  • art & language
    exhibition (eindhoven, holland) 9-10 december 1980
    - catalogue has photos from the zoran popovic "borba u new yorka" (struggle in new york) film; there are rumors of a 7" single "monsters" from that exhibition [kees van hulst]

  • the red crayola "v.i. lenin, part 1"/"future pilots"/"born in flames"/the sword of god"
    video (?) 1980
    - recorded in gent, belgium

  • siouxsie and the banshees pre-debut demo??
    unreleased (demo cassette For polydor uk) 1979?
    - listed in takeshi umeda's the red crayola mayo thompson the red krayola unofficial fan site as a mayo thompson production; (another one i am not sure about--can anyone confirm or refute this?

  • howdy from texas the lone star state
    booklet (international artists) 1978
    - includes "baghdad on the bayous?" article by mayo thompson; also another article titled "the red crayola 1978". link to mayo thompson's article

  • art & language with the red crayola nine gross and conspicuous errors
    video (unreleased) 1976
    - "by 1976, thompson was in london making nine gross and conspicuous errors, a performance video that has never been released commercially" [franklin bruno, new times los angeles june 10 1999]; released 1975 and credited to mel ramsden as director, according to information from kees van hulst (thank u); video features jesse chamberlain on drums, along with mayo thompson (guitar/keyboards/percusion/voice) and members of art & language; 2 songs from this were released (in black & white?!) in april 2001 on the circuit 9 dvd magazine

  • borba u new yorka (struggle in new york)
    film (zagreb) 1975
    - directed by zoran popovic; includes 4 songs by art & language and the red crayola

  • frederick barthelme war and war
    book (doubleday) 1971
  • frederick barthelme rangoon
    book (winter house) 1970
    - illustrations for "rangoon", comprising whole chapters in parts, are by mayo thompson. he also appears in "war and war"; barthelme was an original member of the red crayola (1966-1967); barthelme also worked with mayo thompson in saddlesore (1970); and supplied cover photographs for three songs on a trip to the united states & bismarckstrasse, 50 (1983).

  • mayo thompson/frederick barthelme
    (unreleased "lost" album) around 1970
    - may have been recorded as a frederick barthelme solo lp; (note: i have not found any other mention of this anywhere - possible confusion with saddlesore?)

  • the red crayola/john fahey
    (unreleased "lost" double album) 1968
    -"in '67...we recorded some material with john fahey. and our record company went through the ceiling over this. they threatened not to bring us back from rick (barthelme) and steve (cunningham) said, "you go to frisco and get the tapes, and we're going back to texas." so it became my job to do this, because i had started the band. so i came back up here and picked up the tapes, which were reluctantly handed over. we intended to try to do something with them. and then i had to take these tapes back to texas, give them to the record company, and then bust up, that was the end of that." [mayo thompson, from 1996 interview with richie unterberger on]; john fahey does appear on live 1967

  • the red crayola "dairymaid's lament"/"free piece"
    (unreleased 7") early 1967
    -recorded in 1966 at walt andrus' studio; recorded for "a label run by keith stefek, a local man in houston who had made some money, and he was investing making records. he backed us up to make a single, but it didn't work out." [mayo thompson, tape op #16 march/april 2000]

  • the red crayola
    ("embryonic" lineup) around 1966
    - frederick barthelme, guy clark, steve cunningham, bonnie emerson, danny schact, mayo thompson


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