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heterophobic officers
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-112 november 2oo5)

chris petersen/will soderberg... hydrillaforms
cdr (wrn-111 october 2oo5)

pbk/uncle dave lewis/adam mokan/will soderberg... de_fenestra
cdr (wrn-11o september 2oo5)

guillermo gregorio/pbk/uncle dave lewis/will soderberg... [de.fenestra] + guillermo gregorio
cdr (wrn-1o9 september 2oo5)
sample (5:56)

pbk/uncle dave lewis/will soderberg... [de.fenestra] :incoming:
cdr (wrn-1o8 september 2oo5)

hobert europe/roxanne jean polise/will soderberg... sleeping creep sex tour split
mini cdr/webstream/download on (warmth) bandcamp (wrn-1o7/xdey63/pedo?? july 2oo5)
(joint tour release with x died enroute y/pedophobic)

will soderberg quintet... cantankerous flusher
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-1o6 july 2oo5)

steev thompson/will soderberg... red hand
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-1o5 july 2oo5)

adam mokan/will soderberg... i love my mangina
mini cdr (wrn-1o4 may 2oo5)

ghost box anomalies
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-1o3 may 2oo5)
dylan shearer/will soderberg - closed, sorry (4:14)

roxanne jean polise... wavering spirits of dull static neural impulses
cdr/webstream/download on (warmth) bandcamp (wrn-1o2 april 2oo5)

will soderberg... better science thru noise
cdr (wrn-1o1 april 2oo5)
broken time (4:56)

uncle dave lewis/adam mokan/will soderberg... de fenestra
mini cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-99 december 2oo4) [cdr reissue wrn-99a september 2oo5]
(reissue cdr includes additional recordings)
sample mp3

will soderberg... strained mange
8-track tape (wrn-98 december 2oo4)

will soderberg... powerless electronics
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-97 october 2oo4)
grebredos0 (o:41)

will soderberg & king darves... a fine-blistered binge
mini cdr (wrn-96 august 2oo4)
mp3 excerpt (3:57)

melted lego band... visitations
cdr (wrn-95 july 2oo4)

cdr (wrn-94 july 2oo4)

will soderberg... skull catheter
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-93 june 2oo4)

outsiders looking inward (guitar compilation)
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp

will soderberg and friends of the kgpa... las vegas trips
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-91 march 2oo4)

will soderberg... never pet a burning dog
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-9o february 2oo4)

will soderberg... nanobozho
mini cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-89 january 2oo4)

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