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fm3 ambience sinica
cdr/cassette (wrn-68 december 2oo2)

5o% beam splitter
3" mini cdr (wrn-67 december 2oo2)

alex boardman/james davis/lonnie methe/dylan shearer/will soderberg
indecent liberties

cdr (wrn-66 october 2oo2)

_stalking shekinah_
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-65 october 2oo2)

will's psychic dream kitchen
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-13 june 1989) [cdr reissue july 2oo2]

naturaliste and james davis no meditation for the weathered
cdr (wrn-64 july 2oo2)

surgical mental klinik the communist hobby
cdr (wrn-63 may 2oo2)

richard bowser: stare decisis-home recordings 1993-1998
cdr (wrn-62 may 2oo2)

w§å...geeks baring grifts
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-61 july 2oo2)

euphoric recall
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-6o may 2oo2)

you're all over the map...putting flesh on the bones of the dirty work
cdr (wrn-59 march 2oo2)

will soderberg...echo storm
cdr (wrn-58x november 2oo1)

latchkey kids...separatist party
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-o7 may 1987) [cdr reissue october 2oo1]

will soderberg...the-one-that-runs-through
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-o1 april 1985) [cdr reissue october 2oo1]

red cloud
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-oo april 1984) [cdr reissue october 2oo1]

will soderberg...vs. a higher power of our understanding
cdr (wrn-58 october 2oo1)

cdr/cassette (wrn-57 october 2oo1)

the soft bigotry of low expectations
cdr (wrn-56 september 2oo1)

will soderberg...lapryè elektwonika
cdr (wrn-55 march 2oo1)

will soderberg...out of tune with the times
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-54 december 2ooo)

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