_ p s y c h i c   d r e a m   k i t c h e n _

will's psychic dream kitchen

o1. en trance
o2. general hostilities
o3. slave to the slave
o4. rocket scientist
o5. terra incognita
o6. rainforest affair
o7. santarosa
o8. underground trainwreck
o9. all models 18
1o. zero tolerance
11. internal bloc
12. fractal shanty
13. soundbites

produced by will soderberg
recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement 1989
remix + digital remastering 2oo2

die weisse rose netzwerk
(cassette june 1989)
[cdr reissue forthcoming 2oo2]

susannah soderberg (vox "slave to the slave")
timothy g. lang (keyboard "santarosa")
kevin ferrara (for use of the amiga 500)

1989-2oo2 will soderberg all rights reserved

audio samples are mono real audio files


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bai mei guei wang 2oo2