_euphoric recall_
artifacts of the oxide age: 1972-2oo2

cdr (wrn-6o may 2oo2)

spinning wheel
[eddie & bruce - 1972]

if you listen to it-it's your own fault
[will soderberg - 1978]

this is no joke-either you or i is dead
[will soderberg - 1979-198?]

old-fashioned girl
[will soderberg - 1983]

this one
[red cloud - 1984]

[will soderberg...the-one-that-runs-through - 1985]

do i have to hit you with a hammer?
[south of no north - 1985]

third-eye eardrum
[latchkey kids...sic transit gloria 1986]

sexual tension
[latchkey kids...separatist party 1987]

circle of disintegration
[latchkey kids...purge 1987]

[will soderberg...food chain - 1988]

rainforest affair
[will's psychic dream kitchen - 1989]

your loving x
[reckless eyeballs - 199o]

come out and argue with me baby come clean
[peace feelers - 1991]

who's taking care of lill?
[free william - 1992]

bam bam boom boom
[melted lego band...confusing music with art - 1993]

(excerpt from) 7713
[will soderberg...7713 - 1993]

[young urban failures...bare the scars of love - 1994]

[young urban failures...creeping jesus - 1995]

crap detector
[young urban failures...texas gene meltdown - 1996]

the dark art of improvised explosives
[young urban failures...? of the hour - 1997]

unprepared guitar (2)
[will soderberg...unprepared guitar - 1998]

spiritual seeker syndrome
[young urban failures...futuristic roots - 1999]

mobius strip
[will soderberg...stupor mundi - 2ooo]

[will soderberg...out of tune with the times - 2ooo]

suspicious fires
[w...unearth - 2oo1]

blastocytis hominis
[will soderberg...parasites rework project - 2oo2]

2oo2 bai mei guei wang all rights reserved

audio samples are mono real audio files


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