die weisse rose lasst euch keine ruhe

inspiration borrowed from the group of german students who attempted to foment rebellion against the nazi establishment of 1942 germany thru the expression of competing ideas in a series of pamphlets
they paid with their lives, decapitated after a show trial
their actions were significant as gesture
the truth told by their words stand huge in the context of subsequent events and history
their disagreement with the regime they had grown up with
resonates with the need to question the society
which current generations are educated by
former president reagan paid homage to them after his gaff of honoring the graves of ss stormtroopers

image by will soderberg/lisa parcell 1979
wap'iskka'w i'i'swi ayasowewiyiniwe 2oo5
die weisse rose netzwerk was founded in 1986 in kalamazoo, michigan, u.s.a., representing an independent collective of artists in a series of production, promotion and distribution projects. opera omnia now include a discography of well over 1oo audio tape & cdr releases, an extensive videography and archives including the volunteer (a zine which printed 13 issues from 1986-1988). d.w.r.n. has promoted and distributed materials internationally. currently based in southfield, michigan, u.s.a.
morphing into den vit ros natverk 1997, transfiguring into la red de la rosa blanca 1998, continuing to burn the candle as illus albus rosa reticulum 1999 translating into la blankroza reto 2000, rezo blan roz-la 2oo1, bai mei guei wang 2oo2, shabkatu 'l-ward al-abyad 2oo3, set: belaya roza 2oo4. currently known as wap'iskka'w i'i'swi ayasowewiyiniwe 2oo5.

"promising to return to earth in a shower of roses"
    projects in-progress and under development:
  • make a series of short (6-10 minutes) videos, exploring the possibilities of camera, editing- with and without sound.
  • catalog audio, video, print, graphic and promotional materials in order to package selected archival releases.
  • improve non-linear video capabilities as an extension of the dawn of sound reinforcement studio facility.
  • develop resource lists, talent pool, contact lists
  • inclusive outreach to facilitate improved involvement and participation.
  • revisitation of objectives regarding the state of society and the appropriateness and place of mass, distinctly non-mass and multiple media.
  • invoke discussion and opinions for consideration.

seeking to resonate
    public evidence of activity includes:
  • cdr releases available for order online, and in stores including store locations thru north amerika.
  • 13+ issues of "desideratum" internet zine online.
  • the white-rose.net internet site (formerly pages.hotbot.com.arts/rosalba & netjunk.com/users/whiterose).
  • mp3 files available for download at www.existentialista.com/~uforika/ and at .tiln.
    (there are also plenty of mp3 files available thru yahoo, but you need to have a yahoo id profile & email me so i can add you to the friends list and get you access;
    there are also various mp3s available on soulseek, if i am logged in... username: whiprwill).
  • experimental sound performances tours across north amerika 2oo2-present.
  • new episodes of singing to a stone on cable access tv in the detroit area. some episodes are also available online as real media files or window media video thru the soulseek file-sharing software
  • online yahoo group uforika has announcements, updates and some mp3s in the files section, too.

die weisse rose lasst euch keine ruhe

wap'iskka'w i'i'swi ayasowewiyiniwe 2oo5
advisor: will soderberg
email: will.s at white-rose dot net

the white rose will not leave you in peace