the volunteer


under development
the intention is to scan (or digitize) the volunteer archives and make that material accesible thru these pages.

the volunteer was founded in kalamazoo, michigan in 1986 and was printed in limited editions and distributed free via record and book stores. published by die weisse rose netzwerk, content consisted of cut-and-paste style graphics, some original art and writing, but predominantly the volunteer came loaded with lots of cultural commentary. reviews featured recordings which were relatively unknown, some literature and local shows by "alternative" (before that became a saleable radio format) or "independent" bands. edited by the psuedonymous b.wildered (the title used was "editor-in-tyrant"), contributeurs included the gregarious one, the georgia peach, d.wood, alexandra chaplin and j.moonheart. there was a general expression of discontentment that pervaded the zine. all were liable to come in for criticism and punishment, since the minimal funding was self-contained within the d.w.r.n. collective. the best that can be said is that costing nothing and owing none, liberation of freedom of expression was total.