melted lego band

please sue us - we need the free publicity !

d i s c o g r a p h y

confusing music with art
1993 (c-5o)

100% monster hair
1996 (c-6o)

instruments of surrender-a peace of art
1998 (c-6o)

2oo4 (cdr collection)

c o m p i l a t i o n s

die weisse rose lasst euch keine ruhe
1994 (c-45) "bam bam boom boom" - previously released

fetal brain tissue experiments
1995 (c-45) "brain-buster" - previously unreleased

_you're all over the map...putting flesh on the bones of the dirty work_
2oo2 (cdr) "wild sound" - previously unreleased

_euphoric recall_
2oo2 (cdr) "bam bam boom boom" - previously released

the melted lego band is:
william - space rocker
susannah - noisy spice
will s. - major pain

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