shabkatu l-ward al-abyad 2oo3

cdrs=$8.oo cassettes & mini-cdrs=$5.oo (prices include shipping within the usa, email will.s[at]white-rose[dot]net for shipping info outside of usa and availability of physical media)

volente o nolente... morte di una multa per il cervello
cdr (wrn-88 december 2oo3)

volente o nolente... chi nella cantina, paolo?
cassette (wrn-87 november 2oo3)

will soderberg... deepening the mystery
mini cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-86 november 2oo3)

spider monkey/will soderberg
split cassette (wrn-85 october 2oo3)

arnoux... detroit, anti-rock city
cassette (wrn-84 october 2oo3)

will soderberg... anomalocaris
cdr (wrn-83 october 2oo3)

volente o nolente... disartria
mini cdr (wrn-82 september 2oo3)
maniac ridente (2:26) -mp3

monkey machine
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-81 august 2oo3)

dylan shearer... shuddtters
cdr (wrn-8o august 2oo3)

will soderberg... feast of min
cdr (wrn-79 august 2oo3)

industrial collaborators
cassette/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-52 july 1999) [cdr/cassette reissue august 2oo3]

will soderberg... riddling of ceres
cassette (wrn-78 july 2oo3) [limited edition of 11 different custom mixes]

ex significants
cdr (wrn-77 july 2oo3) [cdr reissue of sfumato (france) mp3 release]

will soderberg... sin-eater
3" mini cdr (wrn-76 june 2oo3)
fort-da (4:38) -mp3!

chris petersen with will soderberg... birdwatch at freethink
cdr (wrn-75 june 2oo3)

5o% beam splitter... seething cesspool of tortured electrons
cdr (wrn-74 may 2oo3)

will soderberg... trapezoid of opposition
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-73 may 2oo3)

5o% beam splitter... rogue spook intercepts

will soderberg... protocadherinxy
3" mini cdr (wrn-71 february 2oo3)

surgical mental klinik acute systems
cdr (wrn-7o january 2oo3)

will soderberg *69
cdr (wrn-69 january 2oo3)

shabkatu l-ward al-abyad 2oo3 all rights reserved

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shabkatu l-ward al-abyad 2oo3