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will soderberg trio... c h o k e b e r r y   m o o n
dvdr (wrn-155 july 2o12)
-with elijah church; recorded live 12 august 2o11 at dearborn, mi....

mike khoury/will soderberg... v o l u m e   v i
cdr (di16/wrn-152 february 2o12)
-co-released with detroit improvisation; recorded 2oo8-2o1o

will soderberg trio... s e n s o r i a   t r u s t
cdr (wrn-154 february 2o12)
-with elijah church & ryan oppermann

will soderberg... w a v e f o r m s   2 o 1 1
dvdr (wrn-153 december 2o11)
-audio/visual/performance recorded live at outerspace, chicago, ill. 16 december 2o11... produced by will soderberg...

spacer cd object/qr-mp3 (wrn-151 november 2o11)
-unfixed empty house/bodily sounds/puzzle recorded 2o11-2o12 in okinawa via skype & desplaines...

will soderberg... p a i n t i n g   t h e   d e v i l   o n   t h e   w a l l
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-15o february 2o11)
-2o1o may-november relationships recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement in desplaines, ill and southfield, mi... acoustic 12-string guitar meets out-of-the-window field recordings with electronic processing... plus a live set recorded 2o1oo525 at enemy, chicago...

will soderberg... p a r a d o x i c a l   a n t a g o n i s t
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-149 october 2o1o)
-recorded in yuma, arizona... all sounds generated by ipad recorded direct to digital recorder...
track 1 (1:22)

will soderberg... n e u   b e g i n n i n g s
dvdr (wrn-148 august 2o1o)
-visual collage with original soundtrack recorded live at hotti biscotti chicago, ill. 26 june 2o1o... produced by will soderberg...
ddechrau o'r newydd (3:53)

m i c h i c a g o
cdr (wrn-147 july 2o1o)
-will soderberg with james cornish, curtis glatter, ryan oppermann... recorded live at brown rice, mexicains sans frontieres, protest heaven and the dawn of sound reinforcement... produced by will soderberg...
get over it (2:34)

dvdr (wrn-146 december 2oo9)
-elijah church, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg with rachael la barbera, jamie stockdale... recorded live on dearborn, mi. 16 october 2oo9... produced by will soderberg...

elijah church/will soderberg... aquarelles du charpentier
cdr (wrn-145 october 2oo9)
-winds, strings, sticks, rocks, water... aka field recordings volume iii

will soderberg... lure of raw
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-144 september 2oo9)
-too stupid not to...

a host for ohters
cassette (wrn-143 june 2oo9)
-no limit cycle, hal mcgee, ironing, distraction that passes and irene moon

will soderberg... untitled [black and white]
3" cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-142 november 2oo8)
-electronic sound painting recorded 2oo8o9o7 at wluw chicago

will soderberg... s e a   s h e l l   g r i n d e r s
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-141 november 2oo8)
-not well understood by the homebrew and folk medicine of the time... (with appearances by elijah church, james cornish, curtis glatter, mike khoury, rachael marcus, wolf mcintyre, ryan oppermann)

cdr (wrn-14o october 2oo8)
-elijah church, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg with guest appearances by james cornish, curtis glatter, brian good plus cameos by rob crozier, steven goossen, ryan oppermann, chris petersen... recordings from the dawn of sound reinforcement 2oo7-2oo8 + live recordings dating from new years eve 2oo6 thru ken knott's birthday (21 april 2oo8)... produced by will soderberg...

will soderberg... d e w b r e a k e r
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-139 august 2oo8)
-this project began as a jawdropping offer by mayo thompson over lunch in february 2oo4 to produce a single, continued thru demos & rehearsals and then recordings in april of 2oo6 with mayo at the ranch in los angeles, then overdubbing and mixing in michigan and chicago (and on a train inbetween)... never had a project go on for so long... but i wanted to make sure it was as right as possible... i owe thanx, eternal gratitude and more to mayo thompson, dylan shearer, tom watson, josh schwartz, james madaski, chris petersen, curtis glatter, mike khoury, wolf mcintyre... & the unknown person who lost the note which i found on the ground and used for the words on 'lilly'...

dylanshearer... planted/plans
cdr (wrn-135 august 2oo8)
-13 songs by dylan shearer... solo homebrew arrangements with some strangely-channeled yet original canterbury/cambridge/harrisonian composite sensations...

elijah church/will soderberg... the fields are merely sleeping beneath the subdivisions
cdr (wrn-138 march 2oo8)
-recorded june 2oo7 in saline, michigan... recorded by will soderberg/edited and mastered by elijah church... aka 'field recordings volume one'... prequel to 'a meteorite landed right in the backyard'... 11 miniatures in a country setting, emphasizing elijah church's skills... includes a pair of spoken word bookending pieces evoking late-period john fahey... skewed, personal and assured...

james cornish/ryan oppermann/will soderberg... aretstikapha
cassette (wrn-137 march 2oo8)
-recorded may-june 2oo7... 2 more long pieces from the same sessions that resulted in the 'soderality with ringers' cdr... creepy and edgy...

de·fenestra... sync o7
dvd-r (wrn-136 december 2oo7)
- elijah church, james cornish, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg ; recorded 1o march 2oo7 at the sync o7 digital media fest held at the duderstadt center, university of michigan... audio and video produced by will soderberg... includes performance video and video art versions...

de·fenestra... tiktaalik
dvd+r (wrn-134 december 2oo7)
- elijah church, james cornish, rob crozier, curtis glatter, steven goossen, john wolf mcintyre, ryan oppermann, chris petersen, will soderberg ; recorded 26 october 2oo7 at dreamland, ypsilanti... produced by will soderberg...

will soderberg... touching-the-clouds
dvd-r (wrn-o1x october 2oo7)
-produced 1985 at the western michigan university electronic music lab... electronic sounds and video art by will soderberg, includes original soundtrack (remastered 2oo7) plus alternate soundtrack (from wrn-1o1 the-one-that-runs-through, recorded 1984-1985, remastered 2oo1)

elijah church/ryan oppermann/will soderberg... a meteorite landed right in the backyard
cdr (wrn-133 october 2oo7)
-recorded 25 august 2oo7... produced by will soderberg... weirdo improvised acoustic session recorded in the woods with 'willy' the insect orchestra...

will soderberg with piotr michalowski... sync o6
dvd-r (wrn-132 october 2oo7)
-recorded 1o march 2oo6 at the 'sync o6' digital arts festival held in the duderstadt center video studio at the university of michigan... digital video presentation and electronic sounds by will soderberg, including manipulation and processing of organic woodwind sounds played by piotr michalowski...

will soderberg... soderality with ringers
cdr (wrn-131 september 2oo7)
-with james cornish, curtis glatter, ryan oppermann... recorded may/june 2oo7... produced by will soderberg... james cornish's gypsy jazzzzz phraseology winding over backdrops of pulsing doppelganger basso (provided by novi's favorite son and savant-ghoul, ryan oppermann) and the inventive deer borne percussives (of curtis glatter) by way of san kali-frag-iego ... while will closed his eyes and self-induced flashbacks of delirious dreaming...

mike khoury/will soderberg... volume ii: demons of noon
cdr (wrn-13o september 2oo7)
-recorded in early 2oo7 at the dawn of sound reinforcement during midday sessions... hardworking acoustic violin versus broken turntable, signal processing, softsynths and micromoog... some copies include limited edition fabric packaging...

hello nasa
mp3 (wrn-129 may 2oo7)
-surreptitiously recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement on 12 may 2oo7
download mp3 (47:45)

de·fenestra... theia
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-128 april 2oo7)
-meditations on a hypothetical planet by elijah church, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg... + an orgasonic contribution from chris petersen... produced by will soderberg...

will soderberg... barebones
cassette (wrn-127 april 2oo7)
-recorded 2oo4-2oo7... includes an appearance by mike khoury...

out duos for modern muses
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-126 december 2oo6)
-featuring daniel carter, elijah church, mike khoury, piotr michalowski in duo recordings with will soderberg

irene moon & christopher cprek... history of darker florida volume ii
cassette (wrn-125 november 2oo6)
-piano and electronics music made in the creation of auk of nen valentine...

occasional detroit, rotten milk vs bubblegum shitface and will soderberg with tom walker... intersex
cdr (wrn-124 october 2oo6)
-recorded live at the trumbullplex, detroit, 2oo511o9... o-d & the chicago crew jamming with michigan dudes at an anarchist commune... experimental rap entertainment, circuit-bent goodies, unauthorized samplers, electronic drum kit and stand-up comedy combined in an epic headknocking noise assault...

de·fenestra... meum·et·tuum
mp3 (wrn-123 december 2oo6)
-pbk, john wolf mcintyre, piotr michalowski, jim ryan, james cornish, will soderberg recorded at the elbow room, ypsilanti on 1o december 2oo5... produced by will soderberg...
::currently offline::

cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-122 october 2oo6)
-elijah church, james cornish, john wolf mcintyre, will soderberg recorded at the dawn of sound reinforcement 13 august 2oo6... electro-acoustic improvisation featuring esoteric asian wind instruments, theremin, flutes, trumpet, electric violin, turntable, moog and electronics arriving at some weird, dangerous crossroads... produced by will soderberg...

will soderberg... rescue from oblivion in the mirror universe
dvd-r (wrn-121 october 2oo6)
-documentation of installation created for the 'sonic landscapes' exhibit at (scene) metrospace in east lansing, mi... audio & video sources recorded 1984-2oo6... a confusing and upsetting trip... hopefully...

cdr (wrn-12o september 2oo6)
-elijah church, james cornish, john wolf mcintyre, chris petersen, will soderberg recorded live at wcbn ann arbor on 21 may 2oo6... the show was called 'jazz and non-jazz'... this is neither...

will soderberg... early michigan regressives volume one
3" cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-119 august 2oo6)
-recorded october 1984 at wmu electronic music lab while in the throes of mad antelope possession... in search of the wonder patch on a major moog modular system... obliviously under the influence of pioneers such as nik raicevic and steve birchall...

adam mokan/will soderberg/roxanne jean polise
cdr/webstream/download on (warmth) bandcamp (wrn-118 june 2oo6)
-limited edition of 6o 3-way split co-released with x died enroute y/russolo's brain; originally available on eastern usa tour 16-24 june 2oo6...

ed artsenef presents... billy's hot manlove meatshack
3" cdr (wrn-117 june 2oo6)
-adam mokan and will soderberg shacking up 22 april 2oo6 at il corral in los angeles... tranny hookers and assault weapons not included...

government alpha... live in detroit 2oo4
3" cdr (wrn-116 may 2oo6)
-searing intense solo set from this highly-regarded noisician, recorded 17 july 2oo4 at the family reunion noise festival & mastered by yasutoshi yoshida for maximum extreme fidelity...

power circus... hello i love you
cdr (wrn-115 may 2oo6)
-wedding songs for kelvin & liron recorded november 2oo5 by the gypsy hair-nurse & sonic doll-reanimator, lana guerra...

free noise project... ypsiiifest
mp3 (wrn-114 february 2oo6)
-free mp3 release featuring anthony gentile (bs), greg swenarton (sax), geoff esty (gtr), john hoder (gtr), ian fulcher (space trumpet), ryan wilson (gtr), thom elliott (drums), lyman rhodes (percussion), will soderberg (micromoog); mixed by will soderberg from recordings by andy pfieffer and will soderberg

::currently offline::

will soderberg... evolution in time of the elliptical electronic trajectory
3" cdr (wrn-113 january 2oo6)
-recorded live at the 7th annual ear candy festival 9 april 2oo5... some described it as 'good jet-taking-off sounds'...

cdr (wrn-1oo unforthcoming)
-long-promised-never-realized set of 1oo extremely short tracks commemorating over 2o years of audio rabblerousing... still thinking about working on it... every once in awhile...

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