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elijah shephard church... vermont home recordings: volume two, solo improvisations
webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-175 august 2o16)
-second solo album from elijah shephard church... formerly a member of sublingual ensemble and de·fenestra... includes the free sounds of his guitar, voice, various esoteric wind instruments and percussion... an amazing collaborator who has now emerged as a solo artist with these intensely spiritual and personal works...

elijah shephard church... vermont home recordings: volume one, solo improvisations
webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-174 august 2o16)
-debut solo release from former sublingual ensemble and de·fenestra member includes self-recorded reflections that may or may not have been informed by his relocation from michigan to vermont...

will soderberg... a t o m i c   e m p t i n e s s
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-173 august 2o16)
-recorded during rehearsals and performances of enidsmithdance:insterstice during january & february 2o16 at the evanston dance center...

will soderberg anamorphic trio... d e r e c h o
cdr (wrn-172 march 2o16)
-'i feel really guilty' ~anamorphous rex... elijah church, ryan oppermann, will soderberg...

hanna brock & will soderberg... m é s a l l i a n c e   e x c e n t r i q u e
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-171 july 2o16)
-viola & fx by hanna brock + electronix by will soderberg... cover art by hanna brock, produced by will soderberg...

will soderberg... m u s i c   f o r   f a l l i n g   d o w n   s t a i r s
webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-17o january 2o16)
-disklavier studies recorded october 2o12 at the school of the art institute of chicago [with apologies to conlon nancarrow]...

will soderberg... l a t t e r - d a y   l o s t   c o n n e c t i o n
webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-169 may 2o16)
-w/ ryan oppermann + john dritsas... recorded january-october 2o15 at the dawn of sound reinforcement, southfield, michigan... in the music room inside, the woods behind & the garage outside... + on the stairs in desplaines, ill...
poetic fault (4:33)

chris petersen/will soderberg... a u g h t - t w a
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-168 december 2o15)
-'sounds like 2oo2 all over again' -chrispy... recorded 2o15o315 at the dawn of sound reinforcement, southfield, michigan...

hanna brock/christopher riggs/will soderberg... a v a n t - g a r d e   s u p e r h e r o   m y t h
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-167 september 2o15)
-prepared guitar, viola, electronics improvisations recorded 2o15o723 at the dawn of sound reinforcement, des plaines...

will soderberg... c r u s t   t r y s t
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-166 september 2o15)
-sample genes dug up and reanimated by will soderberg... recorded april-july 2o15...

will soderberg... t h e   d i g i t a l   f u t u r e   t h a t   d o e s n ' t   i n c l u d e   y o u
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-165 july 2o15)
-muxed-up dreams of electric toothbrushes, broken turntables, sound effects 78s, ios devices recorded in michigan, illinois & okinawa 2o12-2o14...
electric toothbrush solo (1:42)

will soderberg... p r o t e a n   r e p o s s e s s i o n
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-164 february 2o15)
-molded, extracted, repossessed 2o14 illinoisean soundscapes...
mold (12:12)

will soderberg... s e d u c i n g   t h e   w a v e r e r s
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-163 november 2o14)
-songs discovered, uncovered, emitted in michigan, illinois & minnesota during 2o14...
never (1o:23)

tru will a c u m
cdr (wrn-162 august 2o14)
-experimental freestyle beats by william mooney-soderberg... 'good for bumpin' in cars'...
acum, tru will (sample)

melted|ego... f i r e p l a c e   o f   c r e a t i v i t y
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-161 july 2o14)
-recorded 2o13-2o14 at the dawn of sound reinforcement...
quiecckriest reest (3:32)

eric cook/will soderberg... t w o   b i r d s   m e e t   o n e   s t o n e
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-16o february 2o14)
-8 years in the making... mixed, cut-up, spliced, processed, remixed, filtered sounds from a 2oo6 session realizing unreconstructed electronic intersections...
sample mp3 (4:55)

elijah church/will soderberg... t r i c k s t e r d u o v i b e
2cdr (wrn-159 december 2o13)
-indoor sessions recorded 2o12-2o13 at the dawn of sound reinforcement, southfield... july to november... november to july to november... sprawling double cd document (at a single cd price) of a journey down an interior waterway bounded by unknown entities... out to kill something or purely create or merely vex?
sample mp3 (2:47)

various artists... s h a d o w s   l a s t   n i g h t :   5 o t h   a n n i v e r s a r y   o f   t h e   c a s s e t t e
c-77 (wrn-158 august 2o13)
-compilation tape created in honor of the format that will not be put to sleep... featuring: as yet to be named, thom elliott, ronen goldstein, mc trashpedal, adam mokan, irene moon, nebulagirl, night court, tru will, will soderberg... including a weird finale from a tape found in an abandoned karaoke machine... (edition of 77)

will soderberg... w y r d i n g   w a y s
cdr (wrn-157 december 2o13)
-recorded 2o1o-2o13... possible followup to 'sea shell grinders'... performed solo and with a strange panoply of guests... songs composed spontaneously, reworked with deliberation, left to decompose, heartfelt, heartsick, fever dreams, bespoke, bereft, stranded, left to the fates...
organ pump (6:11)

will soderberg... d i f f i c u l t     n o t   i m p o s s i b l e
cdr/webstream/download on bandcamp (wrn-156 april 2o13)
-midlife crisis manifested as a graduate studies program with a concentration in sound at the school of the art institute of chicago... this cdr was originally available as part of an untitled installation at the 2o13 saic mfa show...

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